Pregnancy and Tummy-tuck

One of my patients was asking what happens if she gets pregnant after having a tummy-tuck.


The answer is that it in most part it should be OK, however the muscles may stretch out too much and a revision may be necessary.


5 Responses to “Pregnancy and Tummy-tuck”

  1. Neomy Flores Says:

    I am 25 and I heard that Botox is a good way of preventing wrinkles. At what age is it ok for me to have my first botox treatment?

    • drdaneshmand Says:

      There is really no age limit to have Botox and most of the younger patients are in their mid to late 20’s. The most common age group is probably mid 30’s to mid 50’s.

      Thank you

  2. barbara Says:

    hello there im a 46 yr. old nana of three 9,3,1, and my oldest will be 29 this year i had a full hysterectimoy this past november i was hoping for some input on how to get rid of the masive belly over hang it’s like i have a butt in the front and not in the back where it should be. please help if you can. thanks much barbara

    • drdaneshmand Says:

      You may be a candidate for a tummy-tuck which will remove the excess skin and tissue over hanging in the lower abdomen. The procedure usually takes about 2-3 hours and is an outpatient procedures. Please feel free to visit our website, for additional information and before/after photos of tummy-tuck (abdominoplasty) patients.

      Thank you.

      Dr. Daneshmand

  3. Julie Says:

    Hello, Dr D!
    Is anyone ever too old for a tummy tuck? I am an active 57 y/o female nurse with a big fat “grandbaby bumper” up front. Current weight is right at 152lbs and 5’4″ tall and in good health. I have also been told by friends that it would be best if I tried to lose at least 15lbs before surgery. Would you agree? Is there anything that I could do to prepare and to improve the outcome as far as complications and pain? Your before and afte tummy tuck photos are great!

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